Start taking personal responsibility for your own screw-ups.

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by AC

They belong completely to you.
They happened to you for a reason.
You are supposed to learn from them.
Don’t let yourself be tempted into blaming someone else, or something else.
Because if you do that, you only end up cheating yourself.
You miss the lesson.
You lose the value of what you would otherwise have gained.
You make no progress.

That’s what happens to most people.
That is why they get stuck in the same place, for so very very long.
That is why they do not move forward.

It is because they do not defeat their greatest enemy. The enemy within.
It is beating you.
It is outsmarting you.
It is keeping you where you are.
Stuck and unable to move forward,
Because, you are falling for it’s trick.
You are letting it beat you, by giving it your consent.
You are agreeing with it.
“It’s not my fault!”

O, but it is. It was. It was YOUR screw-up.
You own it.
Or at least… you should
You WOULD own it and gain from it
By what you LEARN from it
If only, you didn’t go for the trick
The con
Of the enemy within
Whose goal is to steal from you
And prevent you from making any progress
It wants to keep you here.
It wants to stop you from getting out
It wants you to die
Not having truly learned anything of real value.

Everyone here has this battle
Even you
Even if you didn’t know it!
It’s happening to you
Even now
Possibly, even as you are reading this
Don’t let “it” con you

Next time you screw something up..
Say no, to the voice in your own head.
Take it.
Full on.
No compromise.
No excuses.
No lies.
No more!

Why are you a prisoner?

It is because you let yourself be tricked into believing that you can take the “easy path”
Of shifting blame to someone else
Or to something else
Anything else…
anything or anyone
but “YOU”!

That is how you lose.

This is the trick.
This is the secret.
It’s how the Ego (enemy within) survives.
As long as you allow it to do so, you will REMAIN its prisoner
You will remain “here”
And you will not be able to grow
And never be able to become FREE

Make a decision
Take control
Start owning it
To yourself
You don’t have to say anything to anyone else.
You just have to think about it and do it.
Then pray (which means think) about it.
Ask for help
Ask for Guidance
Ask and ye shall receive

Then if you believe
you will be guided
You will be shown,

How to Free your mind

Don’t let the adversary steal your experiences
Your failures are yours
They have immense value
IF you will admit them to yourself and face it
Strive to learn from it
Let it make you better
Let it make you stronger
Let it make you smarter

It’s yours


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