Starting Tomorrow, America Will Begin Shutting Down With States Implementing A ‘Stay At Home’ Order In Place And Closing ‘Non-Essential’ Businesses

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by Geoffrey Grider

America is being pulled into a fit a hysteria and panic, and conducting a bipartisan massive overreaction which will in no wise end well.

How’s this for irony? All of the things that we warned you about during the Obama years, things like martial law, manufactured panic and hysteria, crashing economies and enforced quarantines are coming to pass under Trump, the person we elected to “make America great again”. Honestly, I am having trouble wrapping my mind around it. I am not saying that Trump is the cause of it, but he is certainly playing into it either wittingly or unwittingly.

Maybe this is the way it has to be, let me tell you why.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Psalm 8:17 (KJB)

I think the best way to explain it is that when Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, America was given a ‘window of grace’, God allowing His saints one more pocket of time to get something done for the Lord Jesus Christ before pulling the plug on everything. Judging by everything we are seeing right now, it looks like that window is closing, and America’s judgment has finally arrived. And no, America is not being taken down by the pestilence of the coronavirus, far from it.

America is being pulled into a fit a hysteria and panic, and conducting a bipartisan massive overreaction which will in no wise end well. But what if it is at the direction not of any politician, but of a holy God who judges nations? We told you Trump was elected as judgment, remember?

We Told You Trump Was Put In Office By God For Judgment

We told you from the very beginning that Donald Trump was put in office by God, against all odds, as a judgment. Do you remember? Let’s take a quick review of what we told you 4 years ago.


Do you remember all the articles we wrote back in 2015 and 2016, articles telling you why I believed that Donald Trump was placed in office by God? Click on the image above to refreseh your memory. I told you on February 13, 2016 that Donald Trump would win in a landslide, and he did with a 33% majority in the Electoral College. Then on May 4, 2016, I told you the reason why Trump was put in office by God, as a judgment on America and on the world. I said this from that article:

“I no longer retain illusions about politics or the political process. Sadly, I do not see a coming new ‘glory day’ for America, I see an unsaved world preparing to go through the Tribulation after the Rapture of the Church where they will meet Antichrist. That’s what’s coming, and it will be sooner rather than later. Listen to me, America, the time is growing ever shorter. Get your eyes off of red vs. blue and conservative vs. liberal, you will never see the truth that way. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is getting ready to insert Himself into our world in a very visible and tangible way. These are the days of prophecy.” READ MORE

I thought it was pretty good at the time I wrote it back in 2016, but today? Reading it today is sending chills down my spine as I watch America folding like a house of cards before my very eyes. Do you, dear brother and sister, realize what you are seeing? You are watching a paradigm shift of biblical proportions, and when it is done life will never be the same again for any of us. The judgment we told you was coming is now here, it has arrived, ready or not.

‘Stay At Home’ Orders Around The Country

Here is a random sampling of states shutting things down in the past 24 hours:

  • OHIO: Governor Mike DeWine issued a “stay at home” order for all Ohioans on Sunday. The order goes into effect Monday, March 23 at 11:59 p.m. and remains in effect until April 6. Officials will reassess the situation then.
  • PHILLY: Philadelphia became the latest city to order its residents to stay home, a mandate that goes into effect at 8 a.m. Monday and exempts activities like buying groceries and medicine, seeking medical care and exercising.
  • CALIFORNIA: California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a statewide shelter-in-place order Thursday evening.  “This is a dynamic situation,” Newsom said. “I don’t expect this to be many, many months, but for the time being, we are recognizing the next eight weeks” as especially important.
  • NEW YORK: Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday announced that all New York residents must stay home “to the maximum extent possible,” effective 8 p.m. Sunday, March 22. Cuomo called the order the “New York State on PAUSE” plan, and it bans all nonessential gatherings of individuals “of any size for any reason.”
  • ILLINOIS: Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Friday announced a “stay-at-home” order that began Saturday and will last until at least April 7. All nonessential businesses must close, and all people who can work from home must do so, Pritzker said. All Illinois schools will stay closed until at least April 8.
  • CONNECTICUT: In Connecticut, Gov. Ned Lamont on Friday announced an executive order directing all nonessential businesses and not-for-profit entities in the state to prohibit all in-person functions if they are able to, effective 8 p.m. Monday.
  • OREGON: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Friday told residents to stay home, calling the directive “both an order and a public awareness campaign. I am directing Oregonians tonight to stay home to stay healthy. Social distancing done well and done early can save lives,” Brown said in a press conference.
  • NEW JERSEY: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced Saturday that he would be ordering residents to stay at home, effective at 9 p.m. He also canceled gatherings of any number, including parties, weddings and religious ceremonies. “We need you to just stay at home,” Murphy said. “We have to change our behaviors.”

America cannot be “shut down” for 6 months, America cannot be shut down for 6 weeks, everything will collapse. This proposed Socialist ‘coronavirus stimulus plan‘ costing anywhere from 2-4 TRILLION dollars will be the death knell of the United States economic system just as sure as the notice hammered on the door of the Wittenburg castle church by Martin Luther ushered in the Protestant Reformation.

A ‘stay at home’ order is not the same thing as declaring martial law, per se, but it is so close to it that it hard to see why martial law will not be declared. What about the people who chose not to stay at home, how will you make them stay home? At the point of a gun, that’s how. Here in Saint Augustine, we are already seeing Army convoys riding through the streets. If you see it in your town, please comment below.


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