State Social Services smuggling-in unvetted, diseased "refugees" by night flights, giving them cash, SSNs and Passports on arrival!

It’s still happening, and surely in other parts of the USA as well.
Missouri Social Services, working under auspice of the U.N.:

Many refugees have no paperwork whatsoever. Many are listed with the name ‘Funu’ (Full Name Unknown)
Mentions SSNs and Passports at 19:18 and 38:00 in the video.
When they arrive, they are called ‘clients’.
The agency also gives the refugees cash upon arrival, housing, and presents job opportunities to them.
The very limited health screening is done in order to give them social security longterm disability. If they’re maimed or very sick, it’s “Good! We’ll get you benefits”.
h/t everLearner

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