FBI Director James Comey Lied To Congress About Trump Surveillance – HUGE UPDATE: Documents Attached!

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by Pamela Williams
The following video is not long at all, but it will give you a feel of what we are dealing with here.  FREEDOM WATCH is a legal watchdog, and this organization feels very strongly about the surveillance of the Trump Transition Team in November, December of 2016, and January of 2017.  The stunning revelation that we are now facing as a society could not be more serious.  In fact, Mr. Klayman of FREEDOM WATCH says that FBI Director Comey should be brought back to testify before Congress on March 28th.  Mr. Klayman says he will be present to represent the American public and to gather as much information as he can.
Published on Mar 22, 2017
Comey should be hauled back to testify before the committee on March 28th – Klayman to be present at hearing

Documents have just been uncovered from Mr. Klayman  to Devin Nunes, which will define this story and are self-explanatory.  WE THE PEOPLE appreciate Mr. Klayman and FREEDOM WATCH.  We here at IWB will continue to report on this groundbreaking story.  Stay tuned as we “unmask” the Government.

47 hard drives, 600 million pages of information.

The House Intel Chief confirms now that data was collected on the Trump Transition Team while Obama was in office.  Further that data was leaked and widely disseminated throughout the Intelligence Community.  And even further, some US citizens were “unmasked” and exposed throughout the network.  The talk is that the Trump family was being discussed, President-elect Trump’s new agenda was being discussed, and the selection of his Cabinet members was also discussed.
This is beyond the pale, and we knew something was amiss; but we had no idea that FBI Director Comey would blatantly lie to Congress.  He said, “there was no evidence of Trump wiretapping” or “there was no evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump.”  Whatever terms he used such as I quoted, really does not matter at this point.  He outright denied that President Trump had been surveilled or “wiretapped.”  The Intelligence Community has a really good command of the English language, and they use that command to confuse, deny, or change the meaning of an answer to a question.  However, at this point, lets call a spade a spade.  
At the time that Trump and his Transition Team were surveilled, it was President-elect Trump, and to make it very clear Obama was still officially President.  What was the purpose of gathering this data, unmasking US citizens, and widely disseminating the data  to only God knows who?  Time will tell, and this is a criminal act, a felony, that carries with it a prison term of 10 years.
Thanks to Devin Nunes (R-Calif) House Intelligence Committee Chairman, we know this occurred, as he was so concerned he refused to keep this matter to himself for any amount of time.  He immediately met with President Trump and held a press conference.   He was clearly upset, and he told reporters that he got the additional information after he made an appeal at the hearing this week involving FBI Director Comey and NSA Chief Admiral Mike Rogers for people to come forward and offer more information, if there was any.
Nunes stated categorically that none of the information in the “dozens” of documents he saw had anything to do with Russia or any criminal investigation.  You know, it sounds to me like there is no integrity in such people, who would take such actions as to record President-elect Trump’s personal time with his Transition Team and their exploration of the exciting process they were encountering. Now they are left with the foul taste of betrayal for the rest of their lives.  That is why as Americans we must demand justice.
Nunes went on to say he now wants to know more details which he outlined for reporters.  They are as follows:

  1. Why wasn’t this information disclosed in the hearing this week?  
  2. Who requested the unmasking of those involved?
  3. Who directed it?
  4. Who directed THIS?
  5. Were any laws broken?

The following is the most shocking aspect of this horrid act.  Nunes said the NSA was trying to investigate the new disclosures, but he did not know if the FBI Director would help him.  His exact words were:  “We don’t know yet if the FBI is going to comply.”
Nunes went on to say the disclosures of the names of US citizens in this latest information left him “alarmed.”  
He told reporters he had briefed House Speaker Paul Ryan on the information, and he was going to the White House Wednesday night to talk to President Trump.
The following exposes the House Intelligence Ranking Member, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) true colors, and we must realize he is on the opposing team with FBI Director James Comey.  He told reporters in a press conference that he would have preferred that Nunes present the information to their full committee before telling the media about it.  He ended by saying, “This is not how you conduct an investigation.”
Really, Congressman Schiff, you, Sir, are a part of the problem!  If Nunes had taken the information to Schiff before he held a press conference, I can guarantee you, we would not be privy to this disclosure, nor would we ever be.  President Trump would not be vindicated in his comment that he felt he had been “wiretapped” …further WE THE PEOPLE would know nothing about this.  FBI Director would still be walking around Washington cocky as a rooster, and the Intelligence Community would just go on their merry way listening in on US citizens and widely disseminating their conversations.
Thank you, Devin Nunes….you are a hero.
Source:  ijr.com/2017/03/830492-house-intel-chief-confirms-data-collected-trump-transition-team-somebody-leaked-info/

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  1. Lying will continue until there are consequences.See Lois Lerner,Kostikian,and other Obama minionsThey lie.retire on pension or better yet continue their employ.They would be stupid not to lie!!

  2. Fire the liar!!! But somehow I still think the corporate media would paint that as “Der Fuhrer Adolf Satan Trump thinks he is so far above the law that he simply makes sure everyone in law enforcement investigating his crimes gets fired. Comey is a great neutral law enforcement official who has recently shown that he could be tough on both Clinton – whom he accused of reckless handling of emails even though she did nothing wrong – and Trump. He should be given a Presidential Medal of Freedom once Trump has been executed and Clinton has officially taken the Oval Office that is rightfully hers.”

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