STATES/CITIES WITH ACTIVE RECALLS: A growing list of states and cities are currently attempting to impeach or recall governors, mayors and other officials who have abused their power.

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by uvontheterrible

These are real recall petitions going through the proper channels to recall the governors in these states.

Don’t confuse these with online petitions you may have signed which will not lead to an actual recall.

Please sign the petitions (if you live in the relevant state), volunteer, donate, and most of all, * SPREAD THE WORD *.


States where impeachment of governor is currently in progress:

PENNSYLVANIA: HR915 was introduced on June 15th in the PA General Assembly for the impeachment of Governor Wolf, with 24 co-sponsors. Everyone in PA needs to contact your state representative and senator to let them know you fully support this impeachment, and get your family and friends to do the same. You can find and contact your state representatives using this website.


States with approved recall petitions and CURRENTLY COLLECTING SIGNATURES:

CALIFORNIA: California Recall Web Page – California Facebook Page – 160 days to collect signatures, starting June 10th.

As of August 3rd, organizers said over 100,000 people have volunteered to collect signatures. With the total shitshow going on in CA between continued lockdowns, fallout from AB5, and now rolling blackouts due to bad energy policy, Californians have a real chance to remove Newsom. Remember, similar blackouts were one of the issues that lead to a successful recall of CA Governor Gray Davis in 2003.


IDAHO: Idaho Recall Web Page – Idaho Facebook Page


OREGON: Oregon Recall Web Page – Oregon Facebook Page – Approved as of June 3rd. Note: There may be multiple, active recall petitions in Oregon so even if you have already signed a different one, Make sure you sign this one.

Great progress in Oregon, with about 10 days left to collect signatures, the organizers say they are on pace to be successful and get a special election ordered, which would take place prior to the November Presidential election. All Oregon Pedes, please sign this petition and get your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.


States with approved recall petitions but not yet collecting signatures:

MINNESOTA: Minnesota Recall Web Page – Minnesota Facebook Page – Signature collection will begin once the group completes a process in the state supreme court, currently underway.


States with recall petitions not yet approved:

MICHIGAN: Previous approved recall petition was withdrawn. Organizers said they will continue with a new petition but I can’t find a new website.

There is also another petition being circulated in MI to end the lockdowns. Go sign it at


NEVADA: Nevada Recall Web Page – Nevada Facebook Page – This group previously attempted a recall but could not collect the necessary signatures due to the lockdowns. They are currently working to get a new recall petition approved. Currently looking for signature collectors sign up here.


COLORADO Colorado Recall Web Page – Colorado Facebook Page – From what I can tell, the recall petition has not yet been submitted to the state, but this group is organizing support and volunteers in anticipation of getting one submitted and approved.


Cities with recall petitions:

BOISIE, ID: Boisie Recall Web Page – A petition has been filed with the clerk, but not approved yet, to recall the mayor and one memeber of the city council.


MADISON, WI: Madison Recall Web Page – Petition approved to recall the mayor, currently collecting signatures.


NASHVILLE, TN: Nashville Recall Web Page – There are recall petitions in Nashville for the mayor and city council due to massive tax increases. UPDATE: The first attempt did not collect enough signatures, but they are going to try again. All Nashville pedes, they need your support.


NORMAN, OK: Norman Recall Web Page – NormanRecall Facebook Page – Recall underway for Mayor and several city council members who voted to defund the police department.

This group is getting results. They have collected enough signatures and the next step will be to have the signatures validated then schedule a recall election.


SEATTLE, WA: Seattle Recall Web Page – A petition to recall the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan was just approved by the court. It looks like this recall is being organized by a left-wing group who is upset with the use of tear bas by the Seatle PD, but probably still worth supporting if thee is a chance of getting her removed because this woman is clearly a menace to the public.




Disclaimer: This is a guest post.


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