States stopped recording Flu & pneumonia deaths since Covid started – Only time they have ever done this

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I wanted to check my states deaths for various diseases and sicknesses and the results/links available on Google, but when you go to the state’s page it says “Page does not exist”. It is impossible to find any information about any other cause of death than Covid, from influenza/flu, pneumonia, common cold, etc (I think cancer is even missing now). Pennsylvania’s Dept of Health page has been completely re-designed to hide prior years data (it’s been wiped from the site), and now it’s all about Covid.

If we looked at previous years deaths from a wide range of afflictions, it would be just about the same as the covid deaths. The state has deleted the other categories and placed them all under one heading – Covid and they are using this to impose illegal restrictions on people and businesses. I’m sure PA isn’t the only state that is doing this and if this isn’t a conspiracy, I don’t know what is.

This has all been planned from the beginning. They were hoping that the covid lockdowns would cause civil unrest but when that didn’t happen, they had to push the false narrative of Floyd and the endless number of other violent criminals resisting arrest and getting killed for it.

Can you think of ONE case where there has been massive “public” support (all media driven) of people being killed by police who weren’t criminals? There have been many cases where truly innocent (not career criminals) people have been killed, but the media is silent on this. They are using this as a wedge issue to cause social unrest. The whole Breonna Taylor case was falsely covered and they didn’t tell the public about her activity in drug trafficking and murder (a 4+ year investigation into her was active when the warrant was served). They don’t want criminals to be responsible for their actions – and then there is the other side who wants law and order AND accountability for police but this side is made out to be racists for some underhanded reasons.

Every governor who is requiring masks, business closures (even partial), reducing schooling/sports, etc should be removed from office and arrested, along with all their advisors, appointees and any sheriff/police dept enforcing these illegal executive orders.

Back to the data I was looking for, somehow the cached version of these pages have also disappeared, and that would have to be done by Google themselves.

Somehow there are 222 entries/pages from that are now completely empty (Page not found) on the WayBack Machine. There are probably 3,000+ captures of these 222 pages and they ALL say “Page not found”. These have been recently altered because a group I was working with was using these pages to see data that had been removed by PA dept of Health.

If this data was available, you would be able to prove that what we are going through is no different than any other year, and it may even be less severe than prior years. IDK how they managed to remove this data from the archive.*/*

The listings on the archive look like the link below. If you remove the first part and use the second URL listed, the searches also show up with no data

below is the second part of the URL that is the ACTUAL cached URL on the archive. I don’t know why they put the prefix of: in front of all the proper URL’s. I think it is so all searches point to the “page not found” result, instead of the real cached data that was originally stored from the site.

I can’t believe how shady the PA health Dept web site is and the data being with-held from the people.

I’ve also noticed that a number of states & agencies like the CDC are making it much harder to analyze the data. They seem to be using graphs & charts to show the data instead of just publishing the straight numbers like in a spreadsheet – which would allow people to do their own research. Many times the graphs/charts don’t give exact numbers, they just show rough estimates of cases and you have to infer the numbers based on fairly inaccurate charting methods.

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