FaceApp is a huge scam! Stay away from Social Media app that shows you what you’ll look like when your old.

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Its a facial recognition program designed to be able to recognize your face from now until your very old. It is super accurate, which is the appeal. However, you always need to ask yourself, where did this come from? Why is it here? What is the point?

People never ask enough questions, and the ones that do are called crazy. What a backwards world we have created.

FaceApp has some privacy experts sounding alarm about expansive terms of use

The app, which offers a range of facial image manipulations from adding facial hair to changing genders and age, has terms of use that include granting the rights to reproduce, modify, publish and share photos and other user content.

Privacy expert Ann Cavoukian says that while most apps have problematic policies, FaceApp’s potential sharing of photos and other information with third parties is especially concerning.

“Most apps are really bad, there’s no question. But this one captures your facial image, it’s the most sensitive information out there,” said Cavoukian, executive director of the Global Privacy and Security by Design Centre.

“You don’t want this compromised and used in ways that you never intended.”



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