Stefan Molyneux Real Reason Behind Lefts Endless Support & Celebration of Abortion

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by Thinker

Between Hollywood and the Royals, one would think that there aren’t’ enough children in the world the way they are popping them out and announcing them to the world. It would seem that the elites are having a baby fetish to see who can have the most. For the satanists, abortions are a means for another meal, sacrifice, demonic act upon the children of God and against God.

Melinda Gates ‘Concerned’ by Trump Move to End Abortion Funding Abroad – No More Government Paid for Sacrifice Fetuses?

Who was getting the government funds that Melinda is speaking for? Trump lower the debt for Americans, by taking back tax dollars that were supporting the world and not the people of the United States. It isn’t the job of Americans to regulate or pay for abortions in other countries. Americans are not going to be the slaves supporting the rest of the world…Hillary Clinton didn’t win! Melinda Gates wants Americans to call the congressmen to ask to give money away to non Americans???? What’s wrong with the USA? Rich people who make their money from the poor in other countries, and don’t do anything for their own!!![/align]

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Why don’t they teach the meaning of “LIFE” in schools? There wouldn’t be any abortions or unwanted pregnancies. Abortion…what don’t you really know that the Gates Foundation doesn’t want to educate you on?


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