The THIRD Democratic Clown Show DEBATE with LIVE LINKS before your very eyes! 8:00 PM ET

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Yes, Oh Yes! It’s that time again!
See it LIVE ! 3 hour Clown Show!
Laughs and Gaffes will abound!
All the fun begins at 8:00 PM ET

See In Center Ring:
Tonight’s Clown stars (from the LEFT, of course) will be:

• Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar
• New Jersey Senator Cory Booker
• South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg
• Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders
• Former Vice President Joe Biden
• Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren
• California Senator Kamala Harris
• Businessman Andrew Yang
• Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke
• Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro


For those wishing to participate in tonight’s Debate Drinking Game
activities, here are a few suggestions:

Enjoy a swig any time you hear a reference to any of the following:

1. Guns, gun grabbing, guns out of the hands of criminals or citizens, etc.
2. Economic Inequality, take from rich, level playing field, redistribution, etc.
3. White privilege, Persons of Color, racial inequality, race bating, etc.
4. LBGTQ discrimination, gay rights, etc.
5. Healthcare for all, It’s a right, Medicare for all, etc.
6. FREE (Education, Medicine, housing, etc.)
7. Universal income, debt forgiveness…
8. Climate Change fearmongering, Green New Deal, etc.
9. Failure of the current Administration…
10. For the children, for future generations, etc.
11. Reduce the population, Overcrowding…(Eugenics by any other name)
12. Pollution, abuse, overuse, or exploitation of natural resources, etc.
13. Carbon footprint, carbon taxes, offsets, reduce carbon emissions, etc.
14. Woman’s right to choose, abortion rights, etc.
15. Open borders, Anti-wall, right to immigrate, etc.

Feel free to add more!


h/t Trained Noticer


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