STEPHEN KRUISER: Having Achieved World Peace, UN Turns Its Attention to Alexa and Siri—Symbols of the Patriarchy.

via pjmedia:

The grievance peddlers around the world live in a fictional world. They see oppressive shadows everywhere, none of which exist. That’s right, I said “none.”

Look, I am the patriarchy. I’ll admit, it’s fun most of the time. We really don’t have the vision and reach that we’re given credit for, however.

Most of us are also smart enough to differentiate between a disembodied, programmed voice and a real live woman. A huge, relaxing part of being the patriarchy is that we never, ever overthink things. None of us are listening to Alexa’s weather update and spinning that into a “My Hot Secretary” fantasy.

Well, with the exception of Raj Koothrappali, of course.



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