Stephen Paddock Was A Gunrunner With A Possible Australian Connection.

by Ruby Henley

This is just my theory, and to be honest with you…I really cannot fully make the connection in totality. However, I believe that Stephen Paddock was definitely a gunrunner, who could have been involved in transporting guns between the United States and Australia.  Why, Australia?
I just read the article below,  and my theory suddenly developed.  I see a connection between the event in Australia, in which the hand over of 51,000 firearms in illegal weapons amnesty took place between the citizens and the government.  Was that hand over a good thing?  Yes, of course, it was.  No country needs these type of weapons circulating on the streets, and there is no good that could come from it.  
The tragedy that preceded that “hand over” was the massacre of 35 people by a lone gunman at the former prison colony of Port Arthur in the island state of Tasmania in 1996. My question is where did all those guns go?  Or did Stephen Paddock supply Australia’s black market with guns?  For that matter the situation could have just resulted in opening up that route for Paddock.
It is being reported that the authorities in Las Vegas are having a difficult time in tracing Paddock’s arsenal he kept in his make shift lair from hell.  They are having difficulty tracking his guns that may have been purchased at gun shows, where one citizen sells a weapon to another person without a background check.
Investigators are also having trouble tracing bump stocks, because they do not have serial numbers that allow them to track when the devices change hands. Bump stocks allow gun owners to convert semi-automatic weapons to perform like machine guns.  
Paddock had an advantage and a setup that could support my theory.  He could launder money through his gambling, he could transport guns by plane as he was a pilot with two planes, and he most likely had connections which enabled him to escape being caught.
However, maybe those connections were being severed, and he knew he was going down. Maybe his dream life was coming to an end.  Maybe authorities in Australia discovered he was selling guns back to the Australians on the black market.
I am not saying he only ran arms between the US and Australia…I am just saying he could have taken advantage of the situation in Australia.  Further he did have the Australian connection through his girlfriend, and I do not think for one minute she did not know what was going on with Paddock.
My bottom line is these types of weapons have no place in society and should be banned.  However, there is always a black market for these evil things.  Possibly Stephen Paddock made his millions feeding that market, destroying lives as he did in the Las Vegas massacre.  QUOTE
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said about 51,000 illegal firearms, a fifth of all illegal guns in the country, were surrendered in a three-month amnesty ending on Friday.
Turnbull said Australia’s tough gun ownership laws, which ban all semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic shotguns, severely limit the chances of a Las Vegas-style mass shooting.
“The killer there (in Las Vegas) had a collection of semi-automatic weapons that a person in his position would simply not be able to acquire in Australia,” Turnbull told reporters in Sydney.
The shooting has focused attention on gun ownership rules in the United States.