#ReleaseTheMemo is Trending worldwide in 1st place. Wikileaks says will match bounty on FISA memo of up to 1 million in Bitcoin #releasethememo

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WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) tweeted at 9:53 PM on Thu, Jan 18, 2018:
#ReleaseTheMemo: Do you know someone who has access to the FISA abuse memo? Send them here: USE-FULL-LINK-cLRcuIiQXz
WikiLeaks will match reward funds up to $1m sent to this unique Bitcoin address: 3Q2KXS8WYT6dvr91bM2RjvBHqMyx9CbPMN
or marked ‘memo2018’:


#ReleaseTheMemo is Trending worldwide in 1st place. www.tweeplers.com/hashtags/?cc=WORLD


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