Steve Quayle – Elites Want Death and Destruction of All Humanity, In Future Robots Will Be Ordered to Kill All Humans

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You can preorder a copy of Quayle’s book “Terminated, The End of Man Is Here” by going to You can also get information on his conference on transhumanism in September in Branson, Missouri, on the home page of

Radio legend, filmmaker and prolific published book author Steve Quayle says the robot/transhumanism world of the elite will become fully visible in just a few years. Quayle contends, “When people ask me what is on the horizon beyond transhumanism, I can say to you, at this point, nothing. When they say it’s going to be in the year 2030 or 2045, in my opinion, and let’s see if it holds . . . my estimate, based on where we are now, they will start to manifest fully by 2022. These will be . . . “demon possessed machines”. . . . Imagine a robot that is programed, and you know what the final command that will be given to a robot will be? When they become totally autonomous and demon possessed, they will have simply one prime directive and that will be kill all humans.”

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