Stimulus Won’t Be Enough This Time | Matt from Silver Fortune

Matt from Silver Fortune interviewed by Elijah Johnson of Silver Doctors

Gold and silver have undergone a significant downturn the last few weeks. But with the Fed continuing in an easing direction, Matt from Silver Fortune is still bullish. 

Matt thinks as soon as gold moves above $1400, silver will take off.

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An economic crisis is ahead, Matt says. He outlines six rules for the coming crisis:
1) It will take longer than people expect to arrive.
2) It will escalate faster than people think.
3) It’s not different this time.
4) It won’t be exactly the same as last time.
5) It will impact economic, geopolitical, political, and societal.
6) There will be destructive

One potential catalyst is the sovereign debt crisis in the U.S. The debt is growing too fast, and Matt says buyers for the debt are running out.


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