‘Sting of the century’: FBI & Australian police trick criminal gangs into using surveilled chat app, make hundreds of arrests

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This is actually pretty funny…

Operation Inside… seems like a title to a degenerate film…

Not the smartest group of people, that’s for sure…

The FBI and Australian police have been secretly reading a secure chat app popular with organized crime for several years. The operation, dubbed ‘the sting of the century’ in the media, resulted in hundreds of arrests.
Criminals have been using the supposedly highly secure encrypted chat app ANOM, which was installed on mobile phones bought on the black market, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said in a statement on Tuesday. The devices were stripped of all other functions and could only send messages via ANOM, which was becoming increasingly popular in criminal circles.

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What the users did not know was that the app was covertly run by the FBI, and Australian police helped to decrypt the messages.

“These criminal influencers put the AFP in the back pocket of hundreds of alleged offenders,” AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw said.


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