In this course you will learn:

1. Why Gold and Silver is a Safe bet moving forward in an Economy with Zero percent interest rates and runaway Debt.
2. What we can learn from History and How other nations have suffered like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Argentina and Weimar Republic Germany post World War 1.
3. What we can Expect to happen after Inflation and potentially hyperinflation takes hold in the United States of America.
4. How to Prosper and PROFIT during a Debt Collapse and how to hedge your portfolio today for success and peace-of-mind.
5. How to Diversify your precious metals holding, WHAT TO BUY, build an Asset allocation and Investment STRATEGY.
6. How to Safely Store your precious metals and Creative Thinking Strategies to prevent Thieves and/or government confiscation.
7. 21-page downloadable Gold PDF to follow along with the Video presentation and take Notes for preparation and safekeeping. A comprehensive checklist and worksheet is worth the price of admission!
8. Should I Buy Gold or Silver? What are the Benefits of Silver vs. Gold? What can we expect with pricing? How much should YOU Buy?
9. A discussion of the TWO Principal Risks ahead Deflation / Inflation and how to Prepare for both Scenarios with Gold. How can we look at History to understand Future Events??
10. How to BUY Gold & Silver… What to Look for in a Broker / Dealer. How to Avoid Scams, Common Pitfalls and Liquidity Concerns in the Event of a CRISIS!

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