Stock Market HAMMERED 1900 Points in 2 Days! 64% of Market Now in Correction!

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But they said it would be “turnaround Tuesday?”…Kudlow told us to buy the dip?!. Really this is all nonsense. The market was so overvalued for so long and it just needed a reason to react. The trade deal news was hilarious coming out everyday “trade optimism!”. Now that’s over (Even though it’s actually not), the market was going sky high but not until it met with an unexpected event. Could this be the black swan event?

Is this the black swan event we have been waiting for? Certainly, it’s too early to tell. But at this time we can see the direct economic impact this has had on top of an already weak global economy. Central banks will certainly act at some point in the near future but without much room to move down, as in the case of the Fed, what will they do exactly? Their idea of supporting the economy is still on a decade later, but somehow it would seem completely inefficient to actually backstop a recession. This will surely be interesting.


Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

Market sell-off recap Tuesday: Worst 2-day slide in 4 years, Apple correction, futures bounce

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Jim Cramer: Buying any bounce after market plunge is a ‘sucker’s game’

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Stocks plunge for a second day as the Dow lost more than 800 points on Tuesday

Mario Gabelli says sell-off ‘reminds me of 1987’

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