Stock Market PLUNGES As China Devalues Yuan! – The TRUTH Behind The Madness

Josh Sigurdson talks with WAM contributor Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about the latest news on the stock market as the Dow Jones collapses over 800 points with a minor bounce the following day. There are many reasons for this collapse, but with a 1500 point overall decline since the interest rates were dropped, it almost appears as though the government and central bank are TRYING to cause chaos.
Following further tariffs on China, China lashed back at the United States by devaluing their Yuan to seven essentially neutralizing the most recent tariffs and further damaging the US consumer’s ability to purchase more with their money.
Of course this hurts China as well long term but as far as chess goes, it was a good move… For now…
Tim explains why there will be no winner between the countries and how the consumer will be hurt the most. The numbers are faked. Employment isn’t up. The economy is not improving. The employment rate does not factor in the Labor Force Participation Rate where the numbers are technically hidden. The economy has been papered over with debt since 2008 and for decades generally. We are already in a technical recession.
People’s understanding of money and the constant feedback loop of repeating the same problems over and over again under the guise of applying solutions will be detrimental over all. The more this system is propped up, the worse it will be when it comes down and it WILL come down.
The banks are bankrupt, there’s an everything bubble, debt is sky high and countries around the world are swapping out of the US Dollar which depends on the faith of the masses and countries around the world as the world reserve currency.
There are more solutions than there are problems, but nonetheless this is becoming more and more chaotic by the day.

All fiat currencies fail. Meanwhile gold and crypto are receiving big gains thanks to these recent moves by central planners.



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