Stop hospitals from keeping their prices secret. “I received an EKG, chest X-ray, flu test, urine-pregnancy test and IV fluids. My diagnosis: potential COVID.”

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Stop hospitals from keeping their prices secret

Health costs are one of America’s biggest problems. They decimate family incomes, drive Americans into bankruptcy and demoralize citizens. Americans have come to expect hefty bills for the simplest of hospital visits. But there is a solution — price transparency — and it isn’t too late to enact it as part of the next coronavirus-relief package.

Patients don’t know what they are paying in advance, because hospitals and insurers work to hide this information. In June, nine US senators introduced the Health Care PRICE Transparency Act. The bill compels hospitals and insurers to provide discounted cash prices and negotiated rates, and to publicly reveal how they calculate those rates. By doing so, it would offer our people a decent measure of certainty in turbulent times.

CDC director admits hospitals, medical folks have “perverse incentives to falsely count Covid deaths”

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield has confirmed that, despite claims otherwise from the left, there is indeed a “perverse incentive” for hospitals to overcount their coronavirus deaths by falsely attributing unrelated deaths to the virus.
Asked during a House Oversight and Reform hearing Friday to comment on what Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, a Republican, described as a “perverse incentive for medical folks to claim that somebody died of COVID versus an automobile accident, for instance,” Redfield admitted that the congressman had a point.
Watch the full back-and-forth discussion below:



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