Stores Closing PERMANENTLY as MEGA Job Losses Pile Up! Debt Spiral Out of Control

When the statistics piling up are in fact worse than the 1930’s, you know you have a problem. There are stores closing everywhere. Not temporarily. Permanently. If you have a store that is no longer in business, the employees are no longer making money. Sure, they can have government money, but how long will that last? How much debt can a nation get in without massively raising taxes? There is no end in sight to this and we’ve only just begun.


CBO projects 38% drop in GDP, $2.1 trillion increase in the deficit

Mnuchin: U.S. ‘fully prepared to take losses’ on coronavirus bailouts

California Task Force calls on Congress for $1 trillion in coronavirus aid

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Commercial Real Estate’s Havens Suddenly Not So Safe – WSJ

Over 4 million Americans are now skipping their mortgage payments – MarketWatch

Loaded With Cash, Property Buyers Wait for Sellers to Crack – Bloomberg

US home building collapses 30% in April amid pandemic

Arizona restaurant chain struggles to fill staff as unemployment claims soar | AZ Job Openings |

It pays to stay unemployed. That might be a good thing

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City of Fairfield files for bankruptcy amid coronavirus pandemic | CBS 42

Emirates Flight Schedules: Carrier Considers Job Cuts, A380 End – Bloomberg

J.C. Penney to permanently shut about 242 stores as part of bankruptcy plan

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Michigan plans to furlough 64% of workforce, save $80M

With cuts at Vice, Quartz, BuzzFeed, even media’s savviest digital players are hurting – San Antonio Express-News

Office Depot plans store closures, 13,100 job cuts by 2023

Retail Chain Reitmans Seeks Bankruptcy Protection in Canada – Bloomberg

Rolls Royce Braces for Turmoil With 8,000 Jobs on the Line – Bloomberg

Retailer Pier 1 to permanently shut down, close all 540 stores in U.S. and Canada | CBC News

Prince Charles wants furloughed workers to pick fruit and vegetables – CNN

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