Straight-A student, 17, killed himself hours after online ‘sextortionist’ posing as girl tricked him into sending nude photo – then threatened to share it if he didn’t pay $5,000

  • Ryan Last, 17, took his own life after a cybercriminal told him he would send naked pictures of the teen to his family and friends if he failed to pay $5,000
  • The ‘sextortionist’ reached out to the high school senior and Boy Scout in February, pretending to be a girl and sent the teen naked pictures
  • After Last sent explicit photos of himself back, the scammer revealed himself and demanded money from the 17-year-old’s college savings
  • His mother, Pauline Stuart, said his suicide note revealed how afraid and embarrased he was about falling for the scam
  • Last’s case is among a growing trend of overseas ‘sextoritonists’ targeting young boys in the US, with the FBI reporting more than 18,000 cases last year
  • The criminals trick boys into sharing naked photos and then extort them for money, with the scammers stealing more than $13 million last year

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