Strange Pattern of Chinese Communist Police Impersonators in United States and Australia

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Heads-up! One incident could be dismissed as a lone nutter tarding out, but when a pattern emerges in multiple locations in two different Western countries, it’s time to take notice.


California Probes Chinese Communist Police Impersonators
Asian man arrested driving car with People’s Armed Police markings; second vehicle
Bill Gertz | SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

(Washington Free Beacon) – Police in California are investigating at least two cases of people posing as Chinese police driving cars with markings of the Communist Party of China’s People’s Armed Police (PAP).

California Highway Patrol spokesman Florentino Olivera said an Asian man was arrested Sept. 10 after reports he was impersonating a PAP officer while driving a black Audi A4 with PAP markings and a Chinese national symbol.

Photos of the car were posted on the CHP Facebook page with notice that police responded to several complaints regarding a male Asian driver impersonating a PAP officer.

“The driver was arrested and charged with impersonating a peace officer and for forging/possessing a fraudulent public seal,” the notice said.

Police are looking for a second white vehicle also reported to bear PAP markings in the same area of Irvine, Calif. The town’s population is 42 percent Asian American, and many residents are Chinese American…

“We think there is a bigger case here,” Olivera said in an interview.

No details of the motive for the activities of the person arrested Sept. 10 were provided. Investigators are still looking into whether the impersonators are linked to the Chinese government.

The arrest in southern California comes amid reports of other Chinese police impersonators in Australia, northern California, and Washington state.

Intelligence experts say the activities appear related to covert Chinese government efforts to intimidate overseas Chinese people regarded by Beijing as dissidents or opponents of the Communist Party.

“The circumstances of this case suggest this may be a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act,” said Nicholas Eftimiades, a former Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence official…

Reports from Australia in August revealed two cases of Chinese police car impersonators in the cities of Perth and Adelaide.

The Adelaide case involved a white BMW with PAP markings.

Those cases coincided with Chinese government efforts to stem international support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, and the same month saw a clash in Adelaide between pro-China protesters and supporters of the Hong Kong protesters…


This Australian MSM article attempts to calm public concern and explain it all away as a joke.


The truth about Australia’s fake Chinese police cars
Kelly Burke | 18 August 2019 9:34 pm

( – A rash of sightings of Chinese police cars in Australia’s major cities may not be as ominous as many on social media are saying.

Accusations of intimidating behaviour by pro-China supporters in the face of local pro-Hong Kong rallies are unfounded, police say, and the cars have no political intent.

Police in three states have confirmed reported sightings of the cars in recent days.

A spokeswoman for the Western Australia Police Force said the owner of one such vehicle seen around Perth had been spoken to, and he had agreed to remove the decals from his car.

“It had nothing to do with (the Hong Kong rallies), the owner just thought it was a cool thing to do,” she said. “People are buying the decals on eBay.”

The spokeswoman confirmed that while it is illegal to replicate the appearance of an Australian police vehicle, there is no law against decorating a car with another country’s police insignia.

South Australia police have also confirmed they have identified the owner of a sedan decked out to look like a Chinese police car, with the words “police” and “public safety” written in Mandarin on the side and bonnet and a Chinese police logo…


CHP Arrests Man Accused of Posing as Chinese Police Officer in Irvine
Erika Martin | Sept. 19, 2019

(KTLA) – A man driving around Irvine in a mock Chinese police vehicle was arrested, and investigators are working to determine his motive, officials said Wednesday.

Several people reported last Tuesday, Sept. 10, that an Asian man driving an Audi sedan made to look like he was an officer with the Chinese People’s Armed Police, a national paramilitary force, said California Highway Patrol Officer Florentino Olivera.

The vehicle was outfitted with the security force’s seal and Chinese police symbols, photos released by CHP show…

The man was arrested on Jamboree Road along the 405 Freeway, the officer said. He’s since been charged with impersonating a peace officer and possessing a fraudulent public seal, Olivera said, and he will be prosecuted the same as if he’d tried to impersonate an American official…

Earlier this summer, officials in Northern California arrested another Asian driver with Chinese markings on their car after the person tried to pull over an off-duty officer, Olivera said…

A series of fake Chinese police vehicle sightings last month in Australia raised concern amid pro-Hong Kong protests, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported…

Last year, the FBI alerted people in Washington state that scammers were impersonating Chinese law enforcement officials in text and email scams. The fraudsters were targeting Chinese citizens on student and work visas, telling them they were under investigation and needed to send money…


Hoax Chinese police cars on the streets of Australia spark alarm
South China Morning Post


– Chinese special police are employing brazen intimidation operations on pro-Hong Kong Chinese citizens and expats living in the U.S. and Australia
– ChiComs are acclimatizing U.S. and Australian citizens to Chinese police presence, with the blessing of internal quisling Commie Liberal government officials
– Multinational organized crime outfits could be behind this

Fake Chinese police car is spotted driving around Perth and scaring locals who fear they’re being SPIED on – but cops won’t do anything about it
By Nic White For Daily Mail Australia | 06:07 15 Aug 2019, updated 06:07 15 Aug 2019

(DailyMail) – A Land Rover painted to look like a Chinese police car is cruising around the streets of Perth, terrifying local expats.

The white 4WD had Chinese characters reading ‘police’ on the bonnet, and ‘public safety’ on the side along with a police badge.

Police vehicles in China commonly have the same markings and colour scheme, right down to the stripes on the side.

Chinese expats were fearful that their former country could be monitoring them, particularly with the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

‘We are fearful of such Chinese authorities, as most Australians know about the protests in Hong Kong by now,’ expat Ho Yan Kwan said.

‘So such brazen display, whether actually real or a prank, is worrying for the Hong Konger community here in WA who has no love for China.’

Others who spotted the car feared the Chinese police were actually being allowed to operate in Australia, pointing out the identical car decal…


Official California Highway Patrol Facebook post about the incident in Irvine, CA:

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