Street Battles in France with Weapons

by Martin Armstrong

In the French city of Dijon, Chechens and North Africans are fighting with assault rifles and weapons of war. The question of how the Chechen refugees get their arms at all is interesting. But this is the global rise in civil unrest we have warned about. These elitist fools think they can shut down sports, close all gatherings for plays, movies and prohibit even flying in Europe and that they will be able to suppress the people is lunacy.

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On a global basis, there are over 300 million people who have lost their jobs. This frustration will continue to explode on the streets. You cannot simply gove people guaranteed basic income and expect them to be satisfied sitting home watching TV. Some people need to stay mentally or physically active and are NOT satisfied with basic income.

These elitists do not understand human nature because they have never walked among the people. This is not going to end nicely. This is what I mean it is not racist – it is pent up frustration that these elitists do not understand that their quest to shut down the world economy so they can rebuild it green is going to very violent. Using the virus as the excuse to deny gatherings and to lock people up for not wearing a mask is pure tyranny.


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