Student loans are a way to trap people into military service.

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I believe the student loan bubble is a way for the wealthy to hold power and force the unwilling educated generation into war. This way the poor go fight while the wealthy stay home and gather more control for their children. The government knew this could be leverage since a modern draft would be ineffective so they took over the debts. They like expensive college for this. They could easily regulate and cap this industry like they do others but allow it to be chaotic.

Military service members have reinforcements to protect them in the field. Training, weaponry, surveillance and logistic support all work together to help soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines carry out their missions successfully.

But those same troops can feel abandoned when it comes to their student loans, despite a number of protections in place to help them manage college debt.

“One of the biggest barriers is that servicemembers may be unaware that they are eligible for student loan relief,” Holly Petraeus, assistant director of the Office of Servicemember Affairs at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, said via email. “If they do realize that there is relief available, they may be blocked from accessing it by uninformed customer service staff at their loan servicer.”

Many veterans know about the GI Bill, which includes educational assistance for active-duty military, reservists and National Guardsmen who serve for at least 90 days. In some cases, the bill covers tuition, fees, books and housing, allowing veterans to graduate without student loan debt.

I feel that capitalism has side stepped human rights such that obligation to repayment means the debt owner can call you to do as needed to fulfill a debt. Since the federal government owns this debt, they can enforce that you fight as repayment. The 13th amendment makes slavery a punishment for crime. If debt is enforceable then servitude can be demanded. As student debt effects mostly younger people, it can be used constitutionally to force enlistment. With trumps executive order to recal retired military, and expanding effective ages, he can send a very large portion of America to war. If they get rid of religious rejection, we are truly f*cked.

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