Study Coronavirus bind to human cells 20 times more than SARS, Sneezes can travel up to 200 feet

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Lots of headline to catch up on , only a fraction could fit below .

One of the biggest issues in fighting a event like the cornoavirus is we have a legacy of complacent idiots in charge . Those useless idiots for generations have interbreed with each other and their inbreed children got the same jobs to cover up the crimes of their parents in govt . Then their little inbreeds got the same jobs etc etc and now the system is set up to only support the next generation of inbreeds with nothing left for anything or anyone else .

Now we have a completely dysfunctional chain of govt authority in every country world wide whose constant ululation has always been to see criticize as a nail . The only solution the inbreed legacy shows or is capable of is to hit everything with a hammer . We are heading into difficult times for our planet .

We need competent people in charge to unite humans in this fight because with so many undeserving inbreeds in charge we will certainly self destruct . Sadly history clearly shows they will destroy earth to live their inbreed fantasy for one more day rather than admit they are incapable of handling the task or allowing someone who is .

We must provide the moral philosophy and ethical high ground , its up to you and me to disseminate the facts , to live without the truth is to live like them , not to live at all . By Dana Durnford



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