Study Finds PolitiFact Eight Times More Likely to Defend Biden Than Check His Facts

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PolitiFact insists that they are nonpartisan fact checkers. “The PolitiFact agenda is – don’t take sides with any politician or party,” claimed editor Angie Drobnic Holan. “We’re independent and we work hard to find the truth. So we follow the facts wherever they take us, regardless of who made the claim.”

That claim is not factual. A new study by the Media Research Center finds that four years ago, PolitiFact offered 52 fact checks with a “Truth-O-Meter” ruling of Donald Trump in his first 100 days (January 20 to April 30, 2017), while in the same period this year, PolitiFact offered just 13 fact checks of President Biden.

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Since the media insist Trump’s in his own category on truth and falsehood, let’s suggest a different metric. On its website, PolitiFact splits its Biden verdicts into “Facts Checks Of Biden” and “Fact Checks About Biden.” Our review of the first 100 days shows 13 fact checks “of Biden,” and 106 fact checks “about Biden.” That’s an eight-to-one disparity.

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