Study Shows 81 Percent of Trannies Suffer From Major Personality Disorders… The Left Will Not Stop Its Attacks on Our Children

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A medical study conducted by researchers with the Iran University of Medical Sciences shows that 81 percent of transgender individuals are suffering from major personality disorders.

They found that 81.4 percent of transgenders have personality disorders, with narcissistic personality disorder being the most common with 57.1 percent of transgenders having this disorder. They also found that the average number of psychiatric diagnoses was three per patient, showing that these people who want to mutilate their genitals are severely mentally ill.

“Personality disorders are common in patients with Gender Identity Disorder who are candidates for sex reassignment. As a result, the assessment of Personality disorders before sex reassignment surgery and offering psychological and medical intervention care, if needed, is strongly suggested,” the study concludes.

The full results of the medical study can be viewed here.

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The efforts of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to defend children from radical gender indoctrination and horrific mutilation were described as “sinful” by Joe Biden during a recent interview with “The Daily Show.” The incoherent octogenarian also seemed to announce a plan to strip the states of their ability to protect children from the radical surgical mutilation referred to as “transition” through federal legislation.

Biden went on to explain to the interviewer that he first learned to respect gay marriage after watching two gay men make out in the 1960s. The president must have forgotten that lesson when he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act as a senator in 1996 and when he affirmed the definition of marriage as one man and one woman in an interview in 2006.

Calling Biden a liar can be difficult because the dementia is so severe, but what the president’s ramblings did reveal is the left’s plan to ensure that no state has the ability to resist the assault on the innocence of children. The president suggested that the right of surgeons to carve functioning organs off of perfectly healthy minors should be secured in the same way that the right to gay marriage was secured, through federal legislation.

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