Yes, there is such a thing as “Fake News,” as anybody knows who even occasionally watches cable news channels or reads newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post. But what about Fake News that was planted by non-media sources?

Turns out, according to a new study reported by Science Advances, that prolific social media posters are smarter than generally thought:

“If anything, those who share the most content in general were less likely to share articles from fake news–spreading domains to their friends. Thus, it is not the case that what explains fake news sharing is simply that some respondents ‘will share anything.’ These data are consistent with the hypothesis that people who share many links are more familiar with what they are seeing and are able to distinguish fake news from real news.”

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So where does that leave all that Fake News the Russians planted and thus swung the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump? Go here for the study.



h/t MT