STUDY: Trump TV Coverage 91% Negative… W Bush takes swipe at president

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So far, 2018 looks an awful lot like 2017 — at least when it comes to the broadcast networks’ hostile approach to Donald Trump. A Media Research Center analysis of the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in January and February found ten times more negative comments about the President than positive statements, and found the ongoing Russia investigation once again swamped all other topics.
For this study, MRC analysts looked at all 505 evening news stories that mentioned President Trump or his administration in January and February. Out of 851 total minutes of airtime devoted to the administration, the networks spent almost one-fourth of it (204 minutes, or 24%) on the Russia investigation, eclipsing other major topics such as the economy, immigration reform, and even the gun debate.
Since Trump took office on January 20, 2017, the three broadcast evening newscasts have spent a combined 1,438 minutes on the Russia investigation, accounting for more than one out of every five minutes (21%) of coverage of the Trump presidency.
Network coverage has also emphasized the drama of Trump’s presidency while giving short shrift to its substance. In January and February, nearly 63 percent of news coverage was devoted to scandals like the Russia investigation, plus tabloid fodder such as the domestic abuse scandal involving White House aide Rob Porter (54 minutes), the fallout from Michael Wolff’s book about the Trump White House (53 minutes), reports that the President made disparaging comments about African nations in a closed-door meeting (31 minutes), along with dozens of other controversies the networks deemed worthy of airtime.
During those same months, coverage of policy issues such as immigration reform (100 minutes), the government shutdown (84 minutes), and gun control (63 minutes) amounted to just 37 percent of Trump’s coverage. Among the important substantive issues getting relatively little coverage so far this year: the continued strong economy and jobs (12 minutes); the positive impact of the big tax cuts passed in December (9 minutes); and the fight against al Qaeda and ISIS (a mere 1 minute, 23 seconds).

Bush says Trump ‘makes me look pretty good’ by comparison: report

Bush says Trump ‘makes me look pretty good’ by comparison: report

Former President George W. Bush often jokes that President Trump‘s administration makes his own former White House team look “pretty good,” according to a Republican source.
The former Republican president regularly knocks the current administration, a source close to the Trump administration told National Journal, unable to understand why the White House often seems to be in chaos.
“Bush is often heard to remark, unable to stifle his trademark smirk: ‘Sorta makes me look pretty good, doesn’t it?’ ” National Journal reported.
“He’s shaking his head like everyone else wondering why they can’t get their act together,” the source added. “He wants the guy to succeed but thinks a lot of his problems are self-inflicted.”

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