Super Rich Now Terrified Of ‘Social Cohesion Erosion’… Black box could record civilization’s collapse…

The global pandemic has blazed a long trail of upheaval, the vast majority of it bad: surging inflation rates, small business devastation, and a death toll that’s climbed above the last 10 years of casualties from the flu. But according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), that’s not the worst of it: What we should fear most is “social cohesion erosion.” That’s the fastest-growing threat to our planet since the COVID crisis struck.

What exactly is social cohesion erosion? you ask.

If you think it sounds scary, you’re not alone. According to the WEF, it’s “perceived as a critical threat to the world across all time spans—short, medium, and long term—and is seen as among the most potentially damaging for the next 10 years.” Social cohesion worsens upon rising divisions and polarization in society—as income inequalities are exacerbated by the pandemic’s lopsided recovery, for example, with 51 million people projected to live in extreme poverty by 2030 while billionaires grow richer than ever. Erosion also lurks in the fissures created by opposing viewpoints vaccines and on face-mask mandates, and in the rallying cries for long-awaited racial justice in historically oppressed communities.

cientists’ warnings about global heating have been ignored for years – prompting fear that the future of humanity is increasingly uncertain.

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More and more we are seeing deadly weather events such as fires, floods, extreme heat and droughts, already causing catastrophes across the globe.

Global warming is behind many of the problems we face now – such as rising sea levels and plastic pollution.

In order to record this data, Earth is set to get a ‘black box’ that will track climate change and man-made climate disasters – and possibly record civilisations downfall.

It is similar to the ‘black boxes’ rescue crews recover from the wreckage of planes to discover what happened, and could help a future civilisation avoid the same fate.



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