Supersonic Air Drills: The Russian Pacific Fleet Prepares For Enemy Incursion

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by stockboardasset
Russian military jets of the Pacific Fleet’s naval aviation unit (Pacific Fleet) in Kamchatka, a peninsula in the Russian Far East, have been drilling at supersonic speeds along the country’s Pacific coastline preparing for a rapid enemy incursion. Earlier this week, fighter-pilots conducted supersonic air battles as high as 20km (12.4274-miles) in the stratosphere, while they simulated intercepting enemy fighter aircraft at high rates of speed, said Itar-Tass. One of the fighter jets had to find and intercept the second, who played the violator, without using land-based technologies such as air defense weapons, the official representative of the Pacific Fleet, Nikolai Voskresensky, stated.

“The high-altitude fighter-interceptor MiG-31, flying at an altitude of about 20 km, acted as a violator of the air border, before the crew of the” intruder “was to penetrate at the maximum speed into the airspace of Russia, to go through the established line and escape from possible persecution. On the alert from the Yelizovo air base (Kamchatka Krai), the MiG-31 interceptor was raised . In order to complicate the task, the search for and destruction of the “offender” was ordered by the MiG-31 crew independently, without the involvement of ground agents Defense “- said the Resurrection via Itar-Tass.

According to Itar-Tass, the pilots of the Mig-31s cruised at supersonic speeds of more than 2200 km/h (1367 mph) and located the “intruder” aircraft at an altitude of nearly 20km (12.4274-miles) in the stratosphere. The Russian paper further says all “intruders” were eliminated and the mission ended in success. Voskresenskiy said the intercepting aircraft fired on the intruding aircraft from a distance of 100km (60 miles). In pace of actual missiles, the planes used special electronic signaling to simulate the kill.

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The Mikoyan MiG-31 is a Cold War-era jet, designed by the Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau, which is now called Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG. NATO codenamed the Mig-31 “Foxhound,” after its impressive acceleration and interception abilities to deter and attack high-altitude intruders.

The air drill serves as a warning sign that Russia is preparing its air defenses for conflict, especially in the Russian far east. More importantly, the type of exercise signals that Russia is making adjustments for high altitude combat. Russian Pacific Forces on the Kamchatka peninsula, are some of the first lines of defense against an enemy incursion in the air or by sea on its Pacific Coast.

While the Trump administration prepares the American people and its allies for war on the Korean Penisula, the Russians have taken note and have conducted wartime preparations before the powderkeg of hell ignites in North Korea. The countdown has started, the writing is on the wall, otherwise, why are militaries in the region all rushing at the same time to prepare for war?

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  1. War has always been to some extent about controlling population. The youth are used when there are not enough jobs or other methods of controlling their vigor. We are at a precipice of change in economics, social cohesion, medical education and a brave new world is on the menu. The same old players want to own it and us.

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