Supply chain doom – German news magazine focus warns if shortages Ikea, Aldi, Lidl and many more

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So it’s in the news, delivery delays make ikea, Aldi, Lidl and many more.

Especially washing mashine shortages and so on.ikea will delist 600 products for at least 1 year..

They blame corona outbreak in a Chinese port..

Oh, there’s more – all from today!

We should prep and have a bug out bag:

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Shortages in UK – supermarkets – due to so many people in Quarantäne or infected :

This is the official med shortage

Went grocery shopping today. Yes there are shortages now here, too.
Went to Aldi.
Absolutely no eggs.
No lemons.
Milk has gone up in pricing.
Some of these big basket carts where they put their weekly non food offers were missing (sth I’ve never seen at Aldi before, usually they just spread out the stuff they have left to not have any empty baskets).

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