Suspicious details from that package thief glitter bomb trap video

by notchplusone

original clip

Let’s go chronologically:

5:10 — He maps out the route that the thief supposedly took but the destination which he mapped out is nowhere near anything like a shopping mall or underground carpark.

Supposed route:

Destination viewed from Street View:

disclaimer: earlier in the video he said the on screen location of his house was not the real location, but that doesn’t explain why you would need to change the destination.

Things get a lot more suspicious with the second supposed “thief” at Cici’s house.

6:30 — I found Cici’s house on Google Maps, address redacted and here it is compared with the video

You can tell that they’re the same by just looking at the two photos, but to confirm, the Ford F-150’s in both are identical with black hubcaps

Here’s the second thief’s supposed car approaching, note the design of the wheels, colour, and the type of car

Now let’s jump back to Google Maps. The exact same model and type of car appears to be parked outside of Cici’s house in April 2017 when Google Street View were there, the wheels and the colour are a total

Furthermore, take note of the black and white interior design and ornaments. If you jump back to the original video and look at the interior of the second thief’s car, it’s once again a total match.

This is already very fucking suspicious — either the person who stole the package was coincidentally parked right outside the house of the victim they would steal from in a year’s time just as a Google Street View car was rolling by or Cici or one of her neighbours have the exact same make and model of car as the thief with identical ornaments.

But it gets worse.

7:29 — The third package thief is that lady that everyone keeps dunking on for her reaction. Now, what if I told you that this lady was actually Cici’s neighbour? Because she is.

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If we go back to that initial Google Street View shot of Cici’s house from earlier, we notice these large cypress trees on the left Here’s a clearer shot of Cici’s neighbours house where those cypress trees are

7:48 — Now if we compare this to the brief shots we get to see of the third thief’s house in the original video, you can make out that once again it’s a total match. There’s no way that these are different houses. The garbage bins, trees, brick of the house are total matches with each other.

So in addition to the matching cars at Cici’s place, one of the thieves also managed to be her neighbour.

Another curious detail are these matching stickers on both the Ford F-150 (we know this to be Cici’s from the earlier shot showing it in her driveway) and the second thief’s supposed black hatchback. They aren’t any kind of neighbourhood parking permit as all the other cars in the neighbourhood don’t have them. Presumably this means that these are both Cici’s cars.

Edit: That only leaves two conclusions:

a) this video was staged

b) Cici has the exact same make and model of car as one of her package thieves with the same dashboard ornaments. And the other package thief has actually been the person living next door to her.

EDIT2: holy shit, actual conspiracy territory. The old version with the third clip of the lady in the house has been flat out removed from the video by stealth. Go check the clip yourself, it’s been shortened from 11:10 to 10:36. There is no mechanism for YouTubers to edit clips after they’ve been posted while still keeping the views/likes/dislikes, so presumably someone at YouTube has had their bell rungI was wrong about that part, apparently large creators have those options now. Google cache is still reflecting the old timestamp though

You can still see the original clip on reuploads

EDIT2.5: Evidence from the Wayback Machine and Google Cache




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