Swede Cries Out For Help From Invasion

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Swede Cries Out For Help From Invasion b, 2027
Synopsis: I do not know this man’s name. He is a Swede crying out to the internet universe for some sort of help from Trumpers for his nation. There are two videos. Here is the first one:
This is so sad. He doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. He’s just throwing himself out into the universe looking for help for his country.
So what’s going on in Sweden as a result of the most liberal immigration policy in Europe?
Sweden has been among the world’s safest, richest and best-run countries in the world – until the open-door immigration policy hit.
However, so many migrants came in such a short time that none of them bothered to integrate, they just banded together and transplanted their culture into urban centers, and then started spreading.
Now, according to the Sunday Times of London, teens roam the streets with assault rifles as Sweden has done a cultural 180 and is rapidly becoming a crime and especially a rape capitol of Europe.
It’s so bad that Swedish police have recently completely abandoned an entire town – abandoning it to the law-of-the-jungle.


5 thoughts on “Swede Cries Out For Help From Invasion

  1. I keep saying, the only solution remaining to save Sweden and indeed Europe, is to get rid of these invaders by any means possible.

    • invaders huh? perhaps you need to address the reason people are fleeing their countries,or are you as ignorant on that as you are on calling humans fleeing war and terror,invaders.

      • Chris, it is irrelevant why they are there. They are invaders because they are acting like invaders, increase in crimes, rapes etc. Billionaire globalists like George Soros are funding and plotting these invasions of European countries.

        • clearly you suffer from msm-itis. they are hardly ‘invaders” when they were brought her by those invading their countries. lets stop and think,if you are able to,what causes people to flee their home and country? and actualy
          ly in spite of the msm hysteria,there is no increase in crime etc. you are being programmed to think that. why? to cause chaos and division. smh.

  2. more ultra BS why is sweden the recipient of all these false claims?
    only 4.6% of the population is muslim. try posting facts not propaganda.

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