Wikileaks Just Blew the Lid Off Robert Mueller And Unbelievable Felony He Committed

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The swamp rats in DC are scurrying, after news broke that the FISA memo that proved their illegal acts of sabotage against our President would soon be released. Robert Mueller and his minions are all being swept up in this scandal where members of the House on Thursday said they reviewed “shocking” contents of a classified memo in a scandal that will soon be “bigger than Watergate.” But unfortunately for Robert Mueller, it looks like Christmas came early. As America anxiously awaits for the FISA memo to drop, Wikileaks has dropped their own bombshell that puts slimy Robert Mueller right at the center of another D.C. scandal.
We’ve learned in recent weeks the unbelievable act of treason Hillary Clinton committed while serving as Obama’s Secretary of State where she transferred 20% of our uranium to Russia. With unsettling signs of Hillary’s massive Uranium One cover-up emerging several weeks ago, Wikileaks has now stepped in, revealing that Robert Mueller is at the helm of this historic scandal where he personally carried out Hillary’s illegal Uranium One deal.

“Wikileaks has released a classified US State Department from 2009 that appears to prove Special Counsel Robert Mueller, head of the Trump/Russia probe, once supplied the Russians with nuclear material,” Huffington Post reported. reports:
A stream of news articles has exposed that many key officials pushing the Trump-Russia narrative are themselves tied to Russia. This includes figures leading the Russia investigations.
Under inspection now are the actions and financial ties of Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating whether the Trump team colluded with Russia in the 2016 elections.

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