Sweden Leaders Have Lost Their Bleeping Minds!!!

By Gabrielle Seunagal
The authorities of Lund, Sweden have officially lost their minds! Earlier today, they announced a shocking and dangerously daft idea to rehabilitate ISIS fighters and other violent criminals into their society. This course of action will be enacted by a program which will grant this human scum with shelter, employment, financial support, and educational opportunities. What the hell are these so called ‘leaders’ thinking?! Terrorism should be annihilated, not rewarded. Countless preventable rapes, murders, and sufferings will happen as an offshoot of this foolish decision. The founders of this program should be fired and ashamed of themselves!
Anna Sjöstrand, the municipal coordinator against violent extremism, stated that integrating an individual into society is cheaper than “abandoning them.” What she woefully fails to grasp is the blood of every innocent person who is victimized by this program’s recipients will be on her hands and the hands of Christoffer Carlsson. Carlsson was farcical enough to endorse this program and claim that ISIS members need to “escape their network and avoid returning to the group.” Why are the leaders of Lund placing the interests of criminals over the protection of law abiding locales? They are providing an open window for ISIS fighters to gleefully take advantage of this program and carry out their lethal agenda. Lund locales should join forces and protest against this program. If it is instituted, the carnage will be severe.

Advocates for the rehabilitation program failed to divulge how ‘former’ ISIS fighters will be monitored. This should serve as alarming, especially to people who have homes and businesses in Lund. Will the ISIS terrorists radicalize others by recruiting them online and/or in mosques? These valid questions must be answered. Carlsson claims these vigilantes are in need of shelter, licenses, and employment, but in reality, they are in need of a firing squad and should be watched very carefully. If this disastrous program is instated, all recipients should be under 24/7 surveillance. ISIS fighters committed horrific, treasonous crimes and must be held accountable. Treating deadly anarchists as normal civilians is unacceptable and reckless.

Over the past few months, Sweden has been plighted with increasingly high levels of crime, due to leaders allowing the migration of Muslim refugees without carefully and properly vetting them. Swedish leaders are blinded by the illusion that ‘compassion’ will curb the violent ways of sociopaths. Clearly, they still do not comprehend the fallacies of this thought process. Murders, rapes, and radicalizations will escalate dramatically within the first few weeks of this inane program. The locales of Lund, Sweden should work to either halt this program or escape the area. If they do not take this course of action, they will very soon wish they had. By that point, it will unfortunately be too late.

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