Sweden Leaders Have Lost Their Bleeping Minds!!!

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
The authorities of Lund, Sweden have officially lost their minds! Earlier today, they announced a shocking and dangerously daft idea to rehabilitate ISIS fighters and other violent criminals into their society. This course of action will be enacted by a program which will grant this human scum with shelter, employment, financial support, and educational opportunities. What the hell are these so called ‘leaders’ thinking?! Terrorism should be annihilated, not rewarded. Countless preventable rapes, murders, and sufferings will happen as an offshoot of this foolish decision. The founders of this program should be fired and ashamed of themselves!
Anna Sjöstrand, the municipal coordinator against violent extremism, stated that integrating an individual into society is cheaper than “abandoning them.” What she woefully fails to grasp is the blood of every innocent person who is victimized by this program’s recipients will be on her hands and the hands of Christoffer Carlsson. Carlsson was farcical enough to endorse this program and claim that ISIS members need to “escape their network and avoid returning to the group.” Why are the leaders of Lund placing the interests of criminals over the protection of law abiding locales? They are providing an open window for ISIS fighters to gleefully take advantage of this program and carry out their lethal agenda. Lund locales should join forces and protest against this program. If it is instituted, the carnage will be severe.

Advocates for the rehabilitation program failed to divulge how ‘former’ ISIS fighters will be monitored. This should serve as alarming, especially to people who have homes and businesses in Lund. Will the ISIS terrorists radicalize others by recruiting them online and/or in mosques? These valid questions must be answered. Carlsson claims these vigilantes are in need of shelter, licenses, and employment, but in reality, they are in need of a firing squad and should be watched very carefully. If this disastrous program is instated, all recipients should be under 24/7 surveillance. ISIS fighters committed horrific, treasonous crimes and must be held accountable. Treating deadly anarchists as normal civilians is unacceptable and reckless.

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Over the past few months, Sweden has been plighted with increasingly high levels of crime, due to leaders allowing the migration of Muslim refugees without carefully and properly vetting them. Swedish leaders are blinded by the illusion that ‘compassion’ will curb the violent ways of sociopaths. Clearly, they still do not comprehend the fallacies of this thought process. Murders, rapes, and radicalizations will escalate dramatically within the first few weeks of this inane program. The locales of Lund, Sweden should work to either halt this program or escape the area. If they do not take this course of action, they will very soon wish they had. By that point, it will unfortunately be too late.

Leave your thoughts about the reintegration of ISIS fighters into society in the comments below.


57 thoughts on “Sweden Leaders Have Lost Their Bleeping Minds!!!

  1. Hey Gabe?
    Some journalist walked through a mass of “deadly ISIS killers” and found over 70% were merely contract fighters, there ‘for the money’, (Hillary’s, Obama’s, and the Jew’s) and the majority weren’t ‘particularity religious’.
    Somehow, ‘rehabilitation’ wouldn’t seem all that difficult, I’m thinking…..

    • Then why are they using Viagra and other ED drugs to continue to rape their sex slaves in country?
      Then why are they going on father, son, cousin rape hunts? It’s called ‘taharrush gamea’ in arabic. “Rape game.” I assume like the “knockout game” just not knocking anyone out, just as racist, and violating some girl, boy or woman.
      That sounds more than contract fighters that are easy to rehab, Occam’s Razor, when you cut it down to the simplest case.

      • As I have yet to see a valid source for your info, I’ll sit that particular one out, BUT the ‘simple case’ is is that these countries allowed (or were forced by Merkel and the EU) to accept these people, and the governments have shown ZERO interest in deportation or any plan of segregation……so what the hell else are they going to do?
        Hell, a few months ago they weren’t even ADMITTING they had a problem!
        Hey! I know! Maybe if we stayed the FUCK OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST!??
        Naw. That’d be too easy. And Trump reminded us the other day that “we don’t want to force our lifestyle on anyone”

        • That argument would hold water, if the millenia old muslim war against the hindus weren’t known.
          There are five kinds of jihad:
          Jihad by the word, like what ur doing and what the govt’s are doing prior covering up the rape and violence prior to it’s inability to control the internet.
          Jihad by the sword, like the guys that cut of Daniel Pearl’s head off…
          Jihad by rape, between raping boys, you rape girls.
          Jihad by immigration, like the EU is experiencing
          and crap, I’m tired but Idr the fifth one.
          And yes that’s why I didn’t include links above, so I will look now…brb.

          • Sadly, closing the barn door AFTER the cattle got loose.
            Wonder how many young Euro girls are still standing around with ‘WELCOME REFUGEES!’ sign?

          • Because women are meant for man to reproduce, and men are meant to protect them.
            I asked the German men I knew for months, calling them pussies (literally) asking them why they didn’t protect their women. They finally told me:
            Their progressive women think they can defend themselves and want nothing to do with them, but occasionally right swipe. They told me, so be it, be defenseless and continue to get raped. We’ll wait until you get the purpose of men.
            I was shocked. I thought about it. They are right. Misandry has a cost, and until that is stopped, they will allow their women to fend for themselves.

          • Interesting. If a woman tells me to leave her alone she can take care of herself…….well…then…she is on her on.

          • “Can you come over to move the couch for me, doodaa?”
            Sure doodaa, sure. You’ve been around women much? “Oh, could you pass the remote to me?” [it’s 3ft from her fk’ing fat ass.]

        • chris, you get the “Daniel Pearl Award” for stupid. He thought just like you, didn’t take the meds that would have made him less aware of his head being cut off with the dull blade, cause he was a wiseass like you and thought it couldn’t happen.
          Feel the cold steel on your neck yet? Know your enemy.
          The most important thing you need to be aware of is this: Serial killers report the most common emotion experienced by their prey as they are being killed is: SURPRISE.
          Surprise! chris.

          • funny wouldn’t you say ,that it is NOT REPORTED in any actual real swedish news/ no,just reported by the uk,tabloid specials. you are truly pathetic in your stupidity. lol

          • You believe proven liars at your own peril. You suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect, buddy.

          • telling on yourself ehh? the liars are in the source of this disinfo article. look it up. but of course you choose to believe the worst and will not. tabloids appeal to people such as you.

          • Difference between us, is I have advanced degrees, I’ve been military tested at the highest percentile, and I’ve been in various forms of combat, being tested with irl, as well as saved more than 6 people’s lives from asystole.
            Unlike you, I’ve tested to see if I was too stupid to be able to tell I was stupid, because I was trained as a scientist at 16 as a senior in Stuyvesant HS while mentored by a PhD in Biochemistry doing grad level work.
            Who tf are you to compare with me? Google my name, I even have a little medal from FDNY for one of the things I did while serving people in NYC, cause I thought for a while helping people mattered.

          • LET ME LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol fake posters always seem to think claiming they have some superiority is a dead give away that you probably are a high school drop out. bragging about nonexistent status is a dead give away from an insecure entity that they are a loser. lol lol. can’t even spell asshole,can you asshole. lol as for saving lives i doubt that very mich. you follow and drool over tabloid nonsense ,when a SIMPLE search of actual REAL swedish news sites would inform you that the hysterical tabloid idiocy you read is false. lol carry on basement troll. lol

    • It’s “Gabrielle.” Watch yourself. Anyone dumb enough to ‘rehabilitate’ terrorists into their society deserves what’s coming to them. The Lund locales need to get out while they still can.

      • who trains, funds and arms these terrorists gabby? the usa is a skidmark on the underpants of humanity. wipe the usa off the map and the rest of the world will get along just fine.

          • wanna bet? try searching google maps for palestine.
            this article is a pitiful excuse to have a bitch about muslims. youd have a little credibility if you were just honest about that. then id be able to agree with you. islam is a joke. but no more a joke than christianity or judaism, or any other fanciful sky lord delusion.
            if you dont like refugees and migrants, stop invading other countries based on lies, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children who were never a threat to anyone. stop arming terrorists for usa empire. you dont like refugees? stop fucking bombing them.

          • This article has nothing to do with Muslims. Clearly reading is a skill that’s beyond your grasp. I don’t support the bombing or invasion of other countries and many other Americans share my sentiments. I don’t like religion either, I’m agnostic. Regardless of all of these matters, integrating terrorists into society is suicide.

      • How about ‘stupidity is it’s own reward’, Gabrielle?
        Who was “dumb enough” to start the whole mess – and mostly through illegal wars and False Flags, like 9/11?
        Wonder where ISIS would be if Hillary, Obama, the CIA, Turkey, and Israel hadn’t trained, organized, supplied, and funded them, eh?

  2. Hey Sweden, how is that Feminist government working out for you? Sweden is toast. Thank the likes of (((Barbra Lerner Specter))) for things like this. And you are very correct, these guys need to have some 12.7mm therapy done on their head and chest area. That will rehab them but good.

  3. I dont care. Its flicking sweden. They want this. I guess they will all dye happy.
    Let them commit suicide. I dont give a crap.

    • OK Einstein,
      You have Swedish citizens, who believe that the deliberate murder of ‘the beautiful children’ of innocent Iraqis, Libyans, Yemenis and Syrians is wrong. They go to help correct that wrong. They now return to Sweden.
      What are you suggesting is done with them?
      Please give your solution.

  4. The Swedish government should throw out of the country anybody with Isis ideas, Isis Fighters in Syria and Sharia law proponents.

  5. Instead of welcoming them home with open arms these Isis criminal fighters should be deported back to their countries of origin. Let those countries rehabilitate them if they want to or if it is possible. By the way were all the locals consulted about this? The locals in Lund should be protected from these fighters, not exposed to them. If Swedish leftist liberals continue down this route the country will be Islamic inside 20 years.

  6. the source of this article is not a swedish news site but the tabloid ‘independent”. a simple check of actual swedish news sites show this article is fake news.

  7. How do you rehabilatate mercenary serial sub-human criminals? Deport them to their country of origin and have the local judicial system determine their status. The Swedish authorities need to determine who is funding this program with public disclosure of the names of the perpetrators.

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