Sydney Powell — Calm Down People

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by CrsCrpr

I’ve been seeing a lot of gloom and doom over the Sydney Powell debacle and just wanted to point out a few things to cut down on the anti-Trump rhetoric that quickly followed the announcement made by Trump’s legal team last night via Twitter.

Sydney Powell NEVER worked for Trump not did she profess to work on the president’s legal team.

Both her and Lin Wood are working for WE, THE PEOPLE, and are both financed via PUBLIC DONATIONS. They are simply representing The Republic.

Why does this matter?

Because now this is bigger than Trump. We, the people, finally have a voice in the courts. There are three to four websites currently active that are requesting that we send ALL evidence of voter fraud to them. This is our chance to participate in the next step of our democracy.

I encourage everyone to stop whining and start working. Work feverishly to archive every little morsel of voter fraud evidence and send it to Mrs. Powell. This is your chance to be active in the current political cold war.

I’m at work and will expand on this later with links and other points of interest but the major take home from last night’s announcement is the same message Trump has been preaching from day one …

Our Fate Is In Our Hands


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