Synopsis of UN Security Council meeting

by Vivid_Adeptness

Russia claims they uncovered not only 30 biological labs, but documents confirming biological experiments are being conducted, aimed at strengthening the pathogenic qualities on deadly pathogens such as plague, anthrax, cholera, and others, using synthetic biology. Results from this research has been shared with US Navy and Army. All labs are funded by the US.

UK: We disagree. Russia must cease their war as they are the aggressor. They’re guilty of conducting chemical assassinations.

US: This is part of their disinformation program. They’re lying.

France: Russia is lying

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Mexico: While we condone the acts of war, there should be a ceasefire to conduct a thorough investigation into these serious allegations of manufacturing bioweapons

Brazil: Same thing as Mexico

China: These are not lies, there are actually over 300 biological laboratories located around the world funded by the US. This is a serious allegation in which needs to be investigated. If these labs ARENT conducting this research, please provide the data to prove so.

Russia: Ukrainian warfare imagery is false.

US: We don’t have time for this dialogue as it’s based on lies. No further comment.



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