Syria recap: covert operations, proxy armies, false flags, fake news, and pipelines.

by the-99th-monkey

In a tyrannical succession of overthrowing countriesTimber Sycamore, the plan to destabilize Syria with extremists in order to collapse Iran by giving pipeline control to OPEC, and Golan Heights oil to Israel, might actually be ending.

Though US has claimed to have been fighting to eradicate Al-Qaeda in the middle east; not only have they been using them as proxy soldiers, but the volunteer rescue workers referred to as the White Helmets, seem to be made up of terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda. Further more, the White Helmets only operate in rebel held areas, are office neighbors with Al-Nursra and ISIS, and have been accused of grim activity including organ trafficking (with the coordination of Turkey), and staging attacks for propaganda.

The US recently announced the pullout from Syria and the risk to the Kurds has been made a concerning topic. The group largely at risk is The Syrian Democratic Forces formally known as the YPGthey are aligned with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, a radical communist guerrilla movement, listed as an official terrorist organization. They are likely being positioned to take ISIS’s place in the use of destabilization — if the CIA and Mossad have their way.

Though the initial initiative in Syria was to topple Assad for alleged crimes against humanity, which included the involvement of torture prisons, he had a 70% approval rating by the Syrian people. He has been accused of gas and chemical attacks against his own people, however investigations tend to show evidence of false flag activity for the incidents in 201320172018, and the same for the torture prisons.

The US’s immediate pullout is seen as a sign of moral de-interventionism by some and a sign of Russian influence over the current administration by conspiracy theorists, but now new reports claim that the US pullout is a request by Israel, presumably for strategic reasons.

Whatever those reasons are, the media seems to be manufacturing consent for activity in Syria, and most of what’s published in western news is a stretch from the truth.



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