Syria: Why China moves to take part in Idlib offensive?

Chinese Ambassador to Syria Qi Qianjin has suggested Beijing could soon deploy forces to assist the Syrian Army in its upcoming Idlib offensive, in addition to anti-terrorist operations in other parts of the country.

Kevork Almassian explains the reasons behind this decision at the final quarter of the Syrian war.

China has announced its position to enter the final battle of Syria putting there forces with President Assad and President Putin of Russia an act sure to anger the King of the North and possibly set the stage for a Prophetic War

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China’s Military To Help Assad Retake Rest Of Syrian Territory, Ambassador Suggests

The Chinese Ambassador to Syria, Qi Qianjin, has shocked Middle East pundits and observers with statements this week indicating the Chinese military may directly assist the Syrian Army in an upcoming major offensive on jihadist-held Idlib province.

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The “[Chinese] military is willing to participate in some way alongside the Syrian army that is fighting the terrorists in Idlib and in any other part of Syria,” the ambassador said in an interview with the pro-government daily newspaper Al-Watan, subsequently translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute

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