Systemic Risk From Deutsche Bank FAILURE and the Impending Financial Crisis!

What would happen if a major bank failed or essentially was faced with failure? Bailout? Bail-in? IMF bailout? Restructuring?

What would happen if a major bank failed? What would the systemic risk look like? There’s no telling how bad the situation would be. No central bank has prepared for that level of destruction. They believe in the optimistic scenarios because they are so intelligent. So wise. And yet in reality, so diabolical. Their actions intentionally create the crisis we face and can then pose as the saviors, buying up the assets for dirt cheap.


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Sewing’s Options Dwindle as Deutsche Bank Hit by Fresh Scandals

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As Markets Wobble, Cash is King

Bank of Canada’s Stephen Poloz holds key interest rate at 1.75 per cent | Financial Post

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Andrew Thrasher, CMT on Twitter: “When the front-end of curve inverts, the 3m-10yr curve eventually follows. “We can find no historical example of the 2yr/5yr inverting without the 3-month/10yr eventually following suit.” via @biancoresearch…

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New York State Is Probing Abuses in Small-Business Lending


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