$T ATT options seem like a great value with 5G spectrum bid results being released

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by turble

TL:DR Buy $T 30C or 30.5C March-5 . FCC is set to announce the results of the most recent 5G auction.

I want to YOLO the rest of my Robinhood account to transfer it all or lose it all in one go. I sold everything and currently own only $T 30C March 5. $T is one of the few stocks that has not recovered from the Covid19 crash with a short-term significant catalyst.

  • 5G auction will be reported at the end of February or early March. I am not going to go into too much detail. Verizon and ATT are scared because T mobile was early into the 5G space. They both likely won a substantial chunk of the latest 5G auction and will have first dibs on some dank airwaves.

Long Term Positive News

HBO subscribers are up 5% over last year, and ATT is rumored to have won a big chunk of the 5G auction. ATT partnership with Palantir. A large amount of OTM calls were bought, expiring on March 5.

  • HBO MAX – Because Everyone wants to be Netflix.

HBO Max Has seen subscriber growth of +5% year over year

HBO Max is a premium service at 14.99 but is still seeing subscriber growth due to direct to TV movies such as Wonderwoman

New JJ Abrams HBO max Drama

  • Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone knows that Palantir is the cool new kid on Wallstreet. ATT and Palantir are incredibly likely to have developed some partnership.

Luxoft, a large Digital Strategy Consulting firm, has this newly posted Data Analyst role in Plano, Texas. The most important parts of the posting :

Our client is looking for Luxoft to help scale the deployment timeline of a network ticketing and orchestration system into five new centers

This person would analyze Network operations center data via PowerBI and on the Palantir platform

Under the “Nice – to – have” skills section, there’s ” Experience in the telecommunication industry

“AT&T announced plans to open new innovation centers in Atlanta and Plano, Texas, to open in coming months, giving it a total of five such centers worldwide”

Very curious that ATT would be opening a new “innovation center” in the same location they are recruiting for Palantir experienced workers.

ATT employee LinkedIn with interesting experience

Here some boomer hedge fund manager who is likely insider trading agrees with me. Probably know something we dont

The worst-case scenario goes to zero, and I’ll send my senator an email asking him why Vlad allowed me to make such risky trade.


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