AI is being used by major tech companies to censor and control what you can see, read, and discuss online. Similar to what human editors are doing on Facebook, Twitter ETC, radicals who have been empowered to block or tag information they subjectively don’t like, are increasingly stopping the flow of information through the Internet.

And T-Mobile has joined other big tech companies by censoring what content they will allow to be included in texts. Links appear to be sent to a family member or friend but the recipient will not receive any texts containing censored links. Those to who the texts were sent don’t know the links were removed.

T-Mobile just admitted that they get more control over text messages by admitting in a Letter to Missouri Attorney General. The T-Mobile network actively stripping out all Gateway Pundit (TGP) news links from Private Text messages, just like Soviet Russia.

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In 2021, The Gateway Pundit was ranked among the top 250 websites in the country and had over 900 million page views. That is why, in various states throughout the country, T-Mobile smart devices are banning links to all of The Gateway Pundit’s articles.

As it is, the Left is currently and silently banning some of the most important truth news on the world from being conveyed through smartphone lines, reminiscent of Soviet Russia’s censorship and rewriting of history.



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