WAPO reporter David Ignatius accidentally outs Stefan Halper CIA/FBI informant as one of his sources to Svetlana Lokhova and immediately hangs up phone and cuts off communication once he realizes his error.

After Halper was outed as a CIA and FBI informant in May 2018, Lokhova contacted Ignatius. In an email recently obtained by The Federalist, Ignatius replied to Lokhova that he’d … Read more

This is how they sustain the War on Terror: US ‘accidentally’ kills more than a dozen Afghan policemen in an airstrike after a ‘miscommunication’

by axolotl_peyotl www.businessinsider.in/The-US-accidentally-killed-more-than-a-dozen-Afghan-policemen-in-an-airstrike-after-a-miscommunication/articleshow/69378923.cms   It’s truly revolting how many individuals can stand to justify these incidents as an unfortunate byproduct of the “fog of war.” Fuck off. It’s 2019. If the … Read more