Executive Order 12333 “United States Intelligence Activities” signed into “law” by Knight of Malta U.S President Ronald Reagan on December 4 1981, this gives the CIA the legal right to traffic narcotics!

by Ainsoph777 The CIA now has the right to “(b) Collect, produce and disseminate intelligence on foreign aspects of narcotics production and trafficking;” Section 1.8 (b) , here is a PDF :archive.org/details/executiveorder12333unitedstatesintelligenceactivitiesdecember41981   … Read more

DOJ Review of Intelligence Activities

WARNING: link is a PDF assets.documentcloud.org/documents/6145811/2019-6-10-DOJ-Review-of-Intelligence-Activities.pdf U.S. Department of Justice Office of Legislative Affairs Office of the Assistant Attorney General Washington, D. C. 20530 June 10, 2019 The Honorable Jerrold … Read more