MSM & CNN & LA Times ADMITTING GOP COULD KEEP THE HOUSE; Red Tsunami CBS News “Believe it or not the GOP could keep the House” US News “Real Experts Say GOP Will Keep House” “Republicans Keep House”’s-immigration-push-lifts-senate-gop/ar-BBPhSOR?li=BBnb4R7 MSM.Com … Read more

The second most important result from hearing was Strzok admitting DOJ’s 4th in command Bruce Ohr also husband of Hillary paid operative at Fusion GPS actually passed the fake dossier that came FROM RUSSIA to The FBI.

And his wife working for Fusion GPS got a ham license around that time. Totally random and coincidental I am sure.   h/t gargantuan

CNBC publishes commentary admitting Trump's infrastructure plan is on the right track. $1T injection into economy, leveraging PRIVATE investment and forcing localities to PROVE projects won't LEACH off fed govt long-term.

Trump’s leaked $1 trillion building plan is on the right track Key details of the Trump team’s $1 trillion infrastructure have leaked to the public. The best news is that … Read more

State And Local Pension Plans Are Underfunded To The Point Of Becoming A Political And Governments Confronted With The Resulting Set Of Unpalatable Options, Are Surrendering Without Admitting It.

by John Rubino Doing the right thing is hard for both individuals and their governments. Name the goal – maintaining a healthy weight, paying off high-interest credit cards, keeping debt-to-GDP … Read more