The Government is Admitting That They are Giving Away Your Tax Dollars to Enable a Foreign Invasion into the Country

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by Chris Black

If the government refuses to represent the interests of the American public, if Americans are just tax cattle and their country is just a cheap shopping mall for the world, then what is the incentive of being an American?

Why should this pig system continue to be fed? Why should this illegitimate government and its institutions be respected? These institutions have declared war on America.

A country, a nation, is an exclusive club. If everyone can be in your club, then you don’t have a club.

You especially don’t have a country.

America is not an idea. America is a country with a unique people.

But what if I left that fundamental truth on the table? Instead, what if I compared America to a publicly traded corporation? The taxpayers would be shareholders. If the corporate board continually made decisions that were destructive to the the company, that negatively impacted the shareholders, that board would be deposed and replaced quickly. Instead, we have a rogue board telling the shareholders that their shares are worthless, while they loot the company and get away Scot free.

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America is Enron, the country.


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