How to Prevent Your Children From Getting Indoctrinated in the Gay Disco That is America

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by Chris Black

Since it’s more obvious than ever that the the gay mafia and the government that enforces their wishes are trying to groom your young children into being gay or trans, I thought it would be a good time to do a post on the evils of the public education system and why parents should do everything they can to get their kids out of public school and homeschool them instead:

America’s public education system is one of the system’s primary and most reprehensible vectors of brainwashing. Yes, they are coming for your kids.

Not only does the public school system seek to brainwash your children with the promotion of “anti-racism,” anti-whiteness, worship of black Americans, sexual degeneracy and countless other destructive liberal beliefs, they utterly fail at their intended purpose: giving your children a decent education. While forcing your child to share their learning space with children who have no interest or intention (and often no capability) to learn, they prioritize their insidious propaganda over the teaching of subjects and skills that are interesting and useful. Their education is held back, their gifts ignored and undeveloped, because of the burden imposed by their underperforming black classmates, and the resulting focus and attention that teachers are required to give in order to “lift up” these deadweight students.

Worse yet, with our country continuing to import the least-capable citizens of just about every non-White country by the millions, this academic burden continues to increase, diverting even more of the already minimal attention that is available to White students, especially when the children of these immigrants don’t speak English and the school has to deal with a population of remedial students that speak 30 different languages.

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Your children are being brainwashed and having their education and talents (and consequently, their future and potential) handicapped because they are held hostage by the system’s prioritization of the lowest common denominator over them.

Americans continue to get stupider, course material continues to get dumbed down, and is made more confusing through counter-intuitive curriculum requirements like common core, which are not meant to help bridge the gap and make it easier for poor students to understand the material, but to leave the playing field and the black achievement gap, by making things more confusing for everyone.

Instead of handicapping your child’s development and allowing his brain to be filled with ideas and ideologies that conflict with your morals and values as a parent, invest in your relationship with your child, invest in their future and protect their innocence and your control over what they are exposed to.


As a busy, working parent, with no experience in education, homeschooling may seem like a daunting task—it may even feel impossible as an option, due to the demands of your job and life’s expenses that necessitate a two-income household. Indeed, it could be present difficulties if all of the responsibility falls on one parent who needs the income provided by their job. But, if organized by multiple families within a community, these difficulties and barriers lessen significantly, if not almost entirely.

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Let’s say you have five families who all collaborate in a homeschooling group. Each day, a different parent can be responsible for teaching the group of children. Now, a 5 day teaching commitment has been reduced to a single day for each parent. Even if there are 12 children in the class at different levels, the amount of individual attention offered to each child will be much greater. Class sizes are smaller, there are much less (if any) burdensome students who dominate the teacher’s time and lessons can proceed at whatever pace is necessary, allowing for academic progress beyond a child’s grade level, more time spent outdoors for unstructured play—an essential for the development and mental health of children and teens—and more opportunities for children to pursue subjects and skills that interest them and find their talents.


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