New Orleans Implemented a CIA Backed Predictive Policing Technology in Complete Secrecy in 2012 – Not even City Council Members knew about it

PALANTIR HAS SECRETLY BEEN USING NEW ORLEANS TO TEST ITS PREDICTIVE POLICING TECHNOLOGY The program began in 2012 as a partnership between New Orleans Police and Palantir Technologies, a data-mining … Read more

Russia Buys MASSIVE Amount of Gold! Is This For A Gold Backed Super Currency?

Why do you think Russia (and China) have been purchasing mass quantities of gold? King-World-News-Greyerz-China-Russia-Positioning-To-Collapse-US-Dollar-As-Global-Financial-Warfare-Heats-Up.jpg (2036×1268) Russian-Additions-Subtractions-to-Gold-Reserves-1997-2017.png (598×360) Gold-Reserves-by-Country-Top-Ten.png (585×363) russian gold reserves.jpg (512×336) Canada’s gold … Read more