“We’ve been sitting on the evidence of EMR causing chronic diseases for decades … now we’re seeing the epidemics such as diabetes … 1 in 3 children. The closer you live to a cell tower, the higher your blood glucose levels” – MD

by zenmasterzen3   Barrie Trower has been warning of the health implications of WIFI/mobile phone radiation for a DECADE. This is using evidence that was known in the 1960s, when … Read more

Congresswoman: "Big pharma keeps pushing back against legalizing medical marijuana because, in many cases, they want to continue to sell addictive drugs and dominate the market for drugs that address chronic pain. That's wrong. "

Big Pharma engaging in a blatant and open attempt to oppose cannabis legalization is an affront to a Republic which, on its face, should be free of that kind of … Read more